Fear, selling and tiptoeing through the marketplace

At the end of my last blog, I said the next instalment would be Fear, selling and tiptoeing through the market place. And, look how long it is since I last wrote. Seth’s course set me thinking about this. He asks probing questions about whether we (I) think we are good enough to do what we want to do. He asks what it is that we fear.

So fear: fear of not being good enough, fear induced by impostor syndrome.

I need to replace that by courage. I need to remove my anxiety about what I am capable of. I need to allow myself to succeed. I need to acknowledge my successes.

If you reading this – have you come here to learn the secret of success? Do tell, if you find it…

For me, it will continue to be success through honesty, success through hard work, success through teaming with other people and success through knowing my own mind.

Selling is hard – it is easier to praise others than it is to praise myself. It is easier to dwell on the achievements of others than on my own achievements. But fear will not help me sell. And false modesty will not help me succeed.

I need to walk in the marketplace, knowing my equality.

And you, if you are reading this, you need to do all that too. It is hard, it is frightening, but it is possible. We can both manage this.