Symmetry in the quilt

0029The quilt in place on the bed January 2015

0003To aid the story telling in the quilt, as well as to please the eye, the design includes deliberate grouping of the motifs to give sections that are almost but not perfectly symmetrical.  Rather than aim for perfect symmetry and not quite achieve it, which can look jarring, I took advice to slightly offset from symmetry and precise aligning, so that the viewer’s eye is led on a journey.

quilt symmetry drawingThe quilt almost has reflectional symmetry along its longest axis from pillow to foot of the quilt. There is a line of symmetry going through it which divides it into two pieces which are mirror images of each other. Within that, the two strips either side of the centre strip are arranged with rotational symmetry with regard to each other. I also moved pairs of squares within the strips so that a motif moves across the quilt while retaining its shape and orientation. In addition, I choose in places to break the symmetry and have sequences of patches instead. The mix of symmetry and asymmetry reflects the story of the quilt as I have made repeated journeys to some places and only single journeys to other places over the years I have been making the quilt.

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